In the fall of 2002, a missing link on the Olympic Discovery Trail finally connected Sequim to Port Angeles. This was a small link, less than a mile, but it was vital. Picture 20 miles of developed trail running from the rural town of Sequim and reaching to within just one mile of the popular downtown Port Angeles waterfront trail.

The missing link was property owned by Rayonier – a forestry company who operated a pulp mill on the land until 1997. Through a lot of hard work by the Peninsula Trails Coalition, a route around the property was eventually secured and the trail was able to reach Port Angeles. Read more about the Olympic Discovery Trail and its’ proposed 130 mile route.

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Everyone in Port Angeles was pretty happy when the trail finally linked, but Larry was especially excited because there was now an awesome new running opportunity from his front door. One day he decided to get on the city bus to Sequim and run home. This run was the inspiration for the NODM.

Larry thought “there is no better place for a marathon.”  He called together a group of accomplished running and tri-athlete friends in December 2002, and in June 2003 the first NODM was born with 500 runners between the half and full.